Tips for Maintaining Your Sub-Zero Wine Cooler

Your wine collection is a big investment – that’s why you bought a Sub-Zero wine cooler to house it. You can count on your wine cooler to keep your wine chilled at the perfect temperature, whether you’re planning to drink it or age it. However, even the most reliable wine coolers can encounter maintenance issues from time to time. In order to avoid spoiled wine and wasted money, here are some tips you can use to keep your wine cooler running efficiently.

Don’t Overload It

When you purchase a Sub-Zero wine cooler, it’s important to know the capacity. Keep in mind that the listed capacity is based on your average 750ml bottle, so different bottle shapes and sizes can accidentally put you over capacity. If your wine collection exceeds to capacity of your cooler, either store the extra wine in a cool dry place, like your basement, or buy a larger wine cooler. A small, additional unit would also suffice.

The reason this is so important is that overloading your wine cooler can overwork the unit and create warm spots that can spoil your wine. Keeping your wine cooler at or under capacity will ensure that not only you wine stays safe, but that you won’t need costly repairs when your unit inevitably wears out.

Stick to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Every few months or whenever there is an accidental spill, remove all the wine from your cooler, turn off the unit, and remove all of the shelving. Clean out the interior with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to ensure that it is spotless. Do the same with the shelving before returning it to the unit. Wipe down everything with a clean dry cloth to ensure there is no excess moisture.

Keeping your unit clean will prevent frost, moisture, or grime from building up inside the machine. It will also prevent unsavory odors from creeping into your wine through the corks and ruining the flavor.

Call Sub-Zero Service Centers of New York City

Even with the best quality wine cooler, you will still need maintenance from time to time. When you need Sub-Zero wine cooler repair in NYC, call the professionals at Sub-Zero Service Centers. We are available around the clock to provide emergency repair services on all Sub-Zero equipment.