Sub-Zero Ice Maker Repair in Manhattan, NY

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Are you looking to add ice to your warm drink only to find that your ice maker isn’t working anymore? Maybe you are getting ice from it, but it doesn’t taste quite right? Then it is time to talk to the professionals at Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. about Sub-Zero ice maker repair in NYC. Our Sub-Zero repair company responds quickly when you need us to ensure that your ice maker is back in working order.

Are you in the food service business? Then having a malfunctioning ice machine isn’t just an inconvenience – it can actually affect your business in a negative way. That is why our ice maker cleaning and repair service makes our services available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any problems you are having with your appliance can be handled by our trained Sub-Zero ice maker repair specialists.

Warning Signs for Ice Maker Repairs

When it is hot outside, you are going to want to have the option of enjoying a refreshing, cooling glass of water or soda. When your ice machine isn’t working properly, however, you might find that the only beverage options you have are warm. Before you make a habit of going to the store to buy bags of ice, you should instead call our ice maker repair shop.

The Sub-Zero ice maker repair specialists at our company are able to quickly diagnose and repair your machine so that you can start enjoying fresh ice cubes again. Whether you have a commercial ice machine, a traditional ice maker, or a door-dispensing model, our team has the parts and tools to fix the problem. When you notice any of the following issues with your ice maker make sure you call our Sub-Zero service center in NYC for a quick repair:

  • Ice Tastes Bad
  • Ice Is Discolored
  • Specks in the Ice Cubes
  • No Ice in the Tray
  • Minimal Ice Production
  • Ice Cubes Are Too Small
  • Ice Cubes Are Too Large
  • Ice Maker Does Not Shut Off
  • Ice Does Not Eject Properly
  • Water Leakage from the Unit

The Importance of Ice Maker Cleaning

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Are you getting your ice cubes from a dirty ice maker? It isn’t always easy to tell, but an unclean maker could have mold or bacteria growing in it, which could in turn affect the ice cubes themselves. That means you aren’t just going to have bad tasting ice, but also ice that poses a real health threat to you and your guests.

Keeping up with regular ice maker cleaning services is a great way to avoid the dangers of a dirty ice machine. Just because your ice is frozen doesn’t mean it is pure. With the help of our Sub-Zero ice maker repair specialists you are able to rest easy knowing that your system is clean and running just like it should. Furthermore, when we come out to clean your machine, we will also inspect for any damage or worn parts that might need our assistance as well.

Contact us to learn more about how our ice maker repair and cleaning services can improve the way your equipment works. Our repair specialists provide Sub-Zero repair in New York City to individuals and businesses located throughout New York City.