4 Common Mistakes that could be Harming Your Refrigerator

When you invest in a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you are getting a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. However, even high-end refrigerators need to be taken care of. Your refrigerator is an extremely important appliance in your home, so avoid doing any of the following, because they could be causing harm to your fridge:


Reducing Air Circulation

Your refrigerator works best when there is room for the cold air to circulate. Packing the fridge to the point of bursting and prevent the refrigerant from distributing the cold air evenly, leaving warm pockets that could potentially spoil your food. Make sure you are cleaning out old leftovers and spoiled food regularly to prevent overloading your refrigerator.


Leaving the Door Open

Always ensure that you are firmly closing your refrigerator door when you are finished putting away or retrieving items. When the door is open, the equipment needs to work harder to keep your food cold, which can result in higher energy bills, added wear and tear to your unit, and even warm food.


Not Sticking to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

You should be giving your refrigerator a thorough cleaning about once every three months in order to prevent odors and damage that can come with accumulated spoiled food or spills.


Not Hiring a Dependable Repair Service

When you have problems with your refrigerator, you shouldn’t trust just anyone for Sub-Zero repair in Manhattan. Contact Sub-Zero Service Centers for same-day service on your Sub-Zero Equipment.

Trust Sub-Zero Service Centers for Same-Day Refrigerator Repair in NYC

families preparing a meal next to their sub zero refrigeratorWhen you need emergency refrigerator repairs, you need to hire a Sub-Zero specialist that you can count on for same-day refrigerator repair in NYC. You can’t risk spoiled food or shoddy repair work that doesn’t hold up, so make the right call and hire our expert technicians.


Expert Sub-Zero Technician

Our technicians have received factory-training on Sub-Zero equipment, meaning they can quickly diagnose and solve any problems with your Sub-Zero appliances. When you invest in high end equipment like a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you don’t want to put your trust in just any repair technician.


Manufacturer Specific Parts

We only work on Sub-Zero equipment, which means that we only work with Sub-Zero OEM parts – not aftermarket parts that may or may not work with your appliances. When your Sub-Zero refrigerator breaks, you want it to be repaired with the best quality parts. Your Sub-Zero refrigerator is an advanced piece of technology, so we only use the parts we know will work perfectly with your unit.


Same-Day Service Whenever You Need It

Sub-Zero Service Centers of NYC are here for you whenever you need emergency repairs. Our technicians are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – and we never charge extra for weekend or holiday repairs. Contact us today for more information.

5 Tips for a More Organized Freezer

hand opening a freezerThe freezer is intended to store things for long amounts of time. As such, we often forget about things and wind up with a freezer that looks more than junk drawer than a freezer. How often have to pulled out a container of chicken to thaw and then accidentally found that ice cream pint you’d been missing for months? Here are simply tips and tricks to keep your freezer more organized.

Vacuum Seal for Freshness

Vacuum sealers are handy little tools that can help you create flat, compact packages for things like meat and produce that are easy to stack in the freezer. Not only will vacuum sealing these foods prevent freezer burn, but it will also create more space in your freezer, and make it easier to see into the packages.

Use Clear Containers

Clear containers make everything simple. You can easily view what each item is, even if you forgot to label it. Speaking of labels . . .

Invest in a Label Maker . . . or a Sharpie

Labels are the best way to bring organization to the freezer. On each container write what the item is, and when it was bought, made, or frozen. To make things even easier, place food in the freezer with the labels facing out so you can quickly find what you need without needing to go digging.

Categorize Foods

Another way to keep things organized is to create categories within the freezer. Reserve different areas in your freezer for meat, produce, and desserts so that when you’re looking for a specific thing you won’t have to go on an arctic excavation adventure.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

If you want to keep your freezer in peak condition, you’ll want to find a good quality repair service for regular maintenance. Contact Sub-Zero Service Centers of NYC when you need Sub-Zero Freezer Repair in Manhattan.

3 Essential Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

sub zero refrigerator with light wood finish	Your refrigerator is the most important appliance in your home – and often the most overlooked. If something goes wrong with your fridge, it could result in hundreds of dollars in wasted food, and costly repairs. If you stay on top of these three maintenance tasks, you can keep your refrigerator in peak condition:

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Because you use your refrigerator to store the food your family eats, it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Once every three months, preferably right before your next big grocery trip, unplug the fridge and remove everything. Then, remove all of the shelving. Use a mixture of baking soda, water, and lemon juice to scrub out the interior of the fridge and wipe down all of the shelving. Rinse with a damp cloth, dry, and reassemble the shelving.

In order to keep your fridge fresh between cleanings, place an opened box of baking soda one of the shelves. It will work to absorb odors from the food.

Keep Track of the Temperature

Your refrigerator should be kept between 37 and 40 degrees. If the temperature is off, or it keeps fluctuating, you may need some repairs.

Hire a Dependable Sub-Zero Repair Service

In order to keep your refrigerator running smoothly, you’ll need to hire a dependable Sub-Zero repair service for all of your maintenance needs. Contact our Sub-Zero specialists today for Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance in NYC.



Tips for Maintaining Your Sub-Zero Wine Cooler

Your wine collection is a big investment – that’s why you bought a Sub-Zero wine cooler to house it. You can count on your wine cooler to keep your wine chilled at the perfect temperature, whether you’re planning to drink it or age it. However, even the most reliable wine coolers can encounter maintenance issues from time to time. In order to avoid spoiled wine and wasted money, here are some tips you can use to keep your wine cooler running efficiently.

Don’t Overload It

When you purchase a Sub-Zero wine cooler, it’s important to know the capacity. Keep in mind that the listed capacity is based on your average 750ml bottle, so different bottle shapes and sizes can accidentally put you over capacity. If your wine collection exceeds to capacity of your cooler, either store the extra wine in a cool dry place, like your basement, or buy a larger wine cooler. A small, additional unit would also suffice.

The reason this is so important is that overloading your wine cooler can overwork the unit and create warm spots that can spoil your wine. Keeping your wine cooler at or under capacity will ensure that not only you wine stays safe, but that you won’t need costly repairs when your unit inevitably wears out.

Stick to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Every few months or whenever there is an accidental spill, remove all the wine from your cooler, turn off the unit, and remove all of the shelving. Clean out the interior with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to ensure that it is spotless. Do the same with the shelving before returning it to the unit. Wipe down everything with a clean dry cloth to ensure there is no excess moisture.

Keeping your unit clean will prevent frost, moisture, or grime from building up inside the machine. It will also prevent unsavory odors from creeping into your wine through the corks and ruining the flavor.

Call Sub-Zero Service Centers of New York City

Even with the best quality wine cooler, you will still need maintenance from time to time. When you need Sub-Zero wine cooler repair in NYC, call the professionals at Sub-Zero Service Centers. We are available around the clock to provide emergency repair services on all Sub-Zero equipment.

Does your Sub-Zero Ice Maker Need Repairs? – Pt. 2

Your ice maker is an important appliance. Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day? If you rely on your ice maker for your restaurant or bar, a maintenance problem with your unit can be even more troublesome. In our last post, we discussed four warning signs that your ice maker needs repairs. In this post, we’ll go over five more warning signs that you should be on the lookout for, whether you own a small, under the cabinet model or a large commercial ice maker.

Minimal Ice Production

If you ice maker is not producing as much ice as it normally does, you could have an issue with your Sub-Zero ice maker.

Ice Cubes are Too Small or Large

Ice that is coming out in abnormal sizes or shapes could indicate that there is something wrong with one of the parts inside your ice maker. It may not seem like a huge deal if you ice maker is still producing ice, but you should still call a technician for Sub-Zero maintenance in NYC before this small issue becomes a big one.

Ice Maker Does Not Shut Off/Turn On

If it sounds like your ice maker is constantly running, even when it’s not actively producing ice, you should call for repairs. If it won’t turn on, check to make sure that it is plugged in properly. If everything appears to be in order, you should call Sub-Zero Service Centers.

Ice Does Not Eject

If ice is getting stuck and won’t eject, you may need a technician to take a look at the problem. It could be a simple matter of something clogging the machine, or it could require a replacement part.

Water Leakage around Unit

Water leakage is never a good sign when it comes to your ice maker. If you notice water pooling around the bottom of the unit, you should call a technician to look at your unit as soon as possible.

When you need emergency Sub-Zero ice maker repair, contact the experts at Sub-Zero Service Centers of NYC.

Does your Sub-Zero Ice Maker Need Repairs? – Pt. 1

Your Sub-Zero ice maker is essential to your business, so when things go wrong you need repair services as quickly as possible. A broken ice maker is a major inconvenience for home units as well. That’s why it’s so important that you recognize the warning signs that you may need Sub-Zero ice maker repair in NYC.

Ice Tastes Funny

If you ice tastes like anything other than ice, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the water filter. It could also mean that you have problems with your water in general, so it’s good to call a technician and make sure you don’t have any major problems with your ice maker.

Discolored Ice

Discolored ice could indicate a filter problem, or something leaking into the water before it is frozen.

Debris in the Ice Cubes

Just like discoloration and taste, specks of debris in your ice maker could be a sign that something is wrong with the filter. It can also indicate that the ice maker needs to be cleaned.

No Ice in the Tray

If there is no ice being produced, you definitely have a problem with your ice maker and should call your Sub-Zero repair technician immediately.

Sub-Zero Repair Centers of NYC is available year-round, 24 hours a day to provide emergency ice maker repair in homes, commercial locations, and boats. These are just four of the things that could potentially go wrong with your ice maker. Stay tuned for our next post, where we will discuss five more warning signs that you need ice maker repairs. Contact us to utilize our Sub-Zero repair services today.

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