Refrigerator Repair in Turtle Bay, NY

Sub-Zero premium appliances are made to be dependable and long-lasting. However, even these top-tier appliances still need repair or maintenance to continue functioning as intended. When you need refrigerator repair in Turtle Bay, NY, count on the skilled and experienced technicians at Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. We have the special training and knowledge to work on these appliances.

When a refrigerator breaks down, it can mean big losses for the refrigerator’s owner. Homeowners risk losing a week’s worth of food, while restaurant owners may lose customers and profits. When your refrigerator stops holding temperature or starts to make funny noises, call our Sub-Zero repair specialists for expert repairs.

Providing Only Genuine Sub-Zero Parts for Your Freezer Repair

Put quality parts into your brand-name freezer. We stock our trucks with only Sub-Zero parts to use in your freezer repair. To keep your Sub-Zero freezer working as it should, you should only allow technicians to repair it with genuine Sub-Zero parts. In our experience, this will help increase the lifespan of your appliance.

Our company is such a strong believer in these products and parts that we honor the manufacturer’s warranty and also provide you warranties of our own. These include promises on the quality of both parts and labor. Let us help you save that food in your freezer with quality Sub-Zero parts and our excellent workmanship.

Repairing Ice Makers & Appliances 24/7

Your ice maker works 24/7 and we do, too. When that small appliance is no longer providing you with crushed or cubed ice for your drinks, turn to us for ice maker repair. Our technicians are available for service around the clock during the week, at night, on weekends, and during holidays. We do this as a way to prove our dedication to our customers.

We dispatch our skilled technicians as soon as possible after we receive a call for service. Usually, a technician can be on your doorstep within 30 to 90 minutes of your call with a truck that has all the tools, equipment, and parts that are needed for your repair. In a short time, our hard work gets your ice maker back on duty.

Factory Trained to Fix Your Wine Cooler

As the proud owner of a Sub-Zero wine cooler, you know that not all wine coolers are made with the same quality workmanship and materials or with the same innovative features as a Sub-Zero brand cooler. With this in mind, we recommend that you seek only factory-trained technicians for your wine cooler repair. With a thorough understanding of all models of Sub-Zero appliances, our technicians quickly diagnose the problem and propose a solution. We do not want your expensive wines disturbed by an equipment malfunction.

Contact us today to come to your home or business 24/7 to make Sub-Zero appliance repairs for you. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Turtle Bay, New York.