Refrigerator Repair in Tribeca, NY

Who do you call when your Sub-Zero appliances needs repair? For service from factory-trained technicians, rely on Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. Our company caters exclusively to home and restaurant owners who use this premium brand of appliances.

Count on us for capable refrigerator repair in Tribeca, NY. Our Sub-Zero repair specialists get to your place as quickly as possible, typically arriving within 30 to 90 minutes. That way all that food does not go bad due to a faulty refrigerator. We hate to see wasted food and lost money.

Providing 24/7 Response for Freezer Repair

Time is money when it comes to the food in your freezer whether you are a home or restaurant owner. The longer your freezer is out of commission, the more food that thaws and has to be cooked and eaten immediately or thrown away. Save that food and money with a call to our company for freezer repair.

Our technicians respond with urgency whether it is a workday, holiday, or the weekend. We are here for you 24/7 because equipment breaks down on its own time schedule. Let us make this good news even better by telling you that we do not charge you extra for service after hours.

Ice Maker Repairs with Genuine Sub-Zero Parts

Your Sub-Zero ice maker deserves factory parts when repairs are made. Our technicians only stock, carry, and install Sub-Zero parts in these appliances, which helps to increase their overall lifespan. Contact us today for efficient ice maker repair.

In our experience, this practice results in better outcomes for our customers. Your ice maker works better and lasts longer when only factory-trained technicians install Sub-Zero parts in your appliance. This ensures that you have all the crushed and cubed ice you need to enjoy your cold drinks.

Protecting Your Investment with Wine Cooler Repair

Wine is important enough to you that you have a dedicated cooler keeping it at the perfect temperature. Whether you have a small unit in your home or a large unit in your restaurant, our technicians provide wine cooler repair that keeps the temperature constant. Wine is a big investment that requires careful handling, so call on us when there is the slightest problem any time of the day or night.

Contact us today to save you money by repairing your Sub-Zero refrigerator so you do not have to throw out food. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Tribeca, New York.