Refrigerator Repair in Lower East Side, NY

Improve the performance of your most important appliance with our proven process for refrigerator repair in Lower East Side, NY. Dirty coils and strange noises can be a leading indicator of a catastrophic failure. If you are a restaurant owner or a parent with a family full of mouths to feed, this type of failure is not an option.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. is focused on the neighborhood you live in, and our responsive technicians are ready to move at any hour of the day. Emergencies involving a failed freezer or ice maker don’t usually occur during normal business hours, so you need a team of professionals with factory training and quality replacement parts. You shouldn’t have to watch hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth of food spoil while you wait for a repair shop to open the following morning.

Choose one team of technicians that is capable of cleaning and repairing the ice makers and wine cooling devices your business depends on. We have the tools and the training needed to resolve any challenge your commercial walk-in freezer faces. Our approach to maintenance and repair gives you a refrigerator and freezer that work exactly as they were designed.

Freezer Repair and Intensive Care

Instead of becoming complacent with the lagging performance of your Sub-Zero ice boxes and walk-in freezers, take the smart approach and hire a team that specializes in Sub-Zero freezer repair. Any dip in performance or cooling power could be a warning sign of an impending failure. Our trained technicians are prepared for any challenge, and each of these professionals treats you with the respect you deserve.

Your Sub-Zero ice maker requires regular cleaning and maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency. Schedule an appointment with our ice maker repair specialists, and keep the ice in your patrons’ glasses as clean and cold as possible. Dirty ice cubes can ruin even the best drink, and anyone consuming these cubes could be at risk of getting sick. Have your ice maker cleaned the right way, and don’t get left out in the cold.

Detail-Oriented Wine Cooler Repair

Commercial wine coolers are designed to keep your valuable inventory of wine at the right temperature until it is ordered. A slight difference in temperature could ruin the experience for the patron, and your establishment’s reputation in the process. Schedule an appointment and get same-day service from a wine cooler technician that understands how you do business.

Contact us today for freezer, ice maker, and refrigerator repair work that keeps things cool. We proudly serve every member of the community on the Lower East Side in New York.