5 Tips for a More Organized Freezer

hand opening a freezerThe freezer is intended to store things for long amounts of time. As such, we often forget about things and wind up with a freezer that looks more than junk drawer than a freezer. How often have to pulled out a container of chicken to thaw and then accidentally found that ice cream pint you’d been missing for months? Here are simply tips and tricks to keep your freezer more organized.

Vacuum Seal for Freshness

Vacuum sealers are handy little tools that can help you create flat, compact packages for things like meat and produce that are easy to stack in the freezer. Not only will vacuum sealing these foods prevent freezer burn, but it will also create more space in your freezer, and make it easier to see into the packages.

Use Clear Containers

Clear containers make everything simple. You can easily view what each item is, even if you forgot to label it. Speaking of labels . . .

Invest in a Label Maker . . . or a Sharpie

Labels are the best way to bring organization to the freezer. On each container write what the item is, and when it was bought, made, or frozen. To make things even easier, place food in the freezer with the labels facing out so you can quickly find what you need without needing to go digging.

Categorize Foods

Another way to keep things organized is to create categories within the freezer. Reserve different areas in your freezer for meat, produce, and desserts so that when you’re looking for a specific thing you won’t have to go on an arctic excavation adventure.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

If you want to keep your freezer in peak condition, you’ll want to find a good quality repair service for regular maintenance. Contact Sub-Zero Service Centers of NYC when you need Sub-Zero Freezer Repair in Manhattan.