4 Common Mistakes that could be Harming Your Refrigerator

When you invest in a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you are getting a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. However, even high-end refrigerators need to be taken care of. Your refrigerator is an extremely important appliance in your home, so avoid doing any of the following, because they could be causing harm to your fridge:


Reducing Air Circulation

Your refrigerator works best when there is room for the cold air to circulate. Packing the fridge to the point of bursting and prevent the refrigerant from distributing the cold air evenly, leaving warm pockets that could potentially spoil your food. Make sure you are cleaning out old leftovers and spoiled food regularly to prevent overloading your refrigerator.


Leaving the Door Open

Always ensure that you are firmly closing your refrigerator door when you are finished putting away or retrieving items. When the door is open, the equipment needs to work harder to keep your food cold, which can result in higher energy bills, added wear and tear to your unit, and even warm food.


Not Sticking to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

You should be giving your refrigerator a thorough cleaning about once every three months in order to prevent odors and damage that can come with accumulated spoiled food or spills.


Not Hiring a Dependable Repair Service

When you have problems with your refrigerator, you shouldn’t trust just anyone for Sub-Zero repair in Manhattan. Contact Sub-Zero Service Centers for same-day service on your Sub-Zero Equipment.