3 Essential Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

sub zero refrigerator with light wood finish	Your refrigerator is the most important appliance in your home – and often the most overlooked. If something goes wrong with your fridge, it could result in hundreds of dollars in wasted food, and costly repairs. If you stay on top of these three maintenance tasks, you can keep your refrigerator in peak condition:

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Because you use your refrigerator to store the food your family eats, it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Once every three months, preferably right before your next big grocery trip, unplug the fridge and remove everything. Then, remove all of the shelving. Use a mixture of baking soda, water, and lemon juice to scrub out the interior of the fridge and wipe down all of the shelving. Rinse with a damp cloth, dry, and reassemble the shelving.

In order to keep your fridge fresh between cleanings, place an opened box of baking soda one of the shelves. It will work to absorb odors from the food.

Keep Track of the Temperature

Your refrigerator should be kept between 37 and 40 degrees. If the temperature is off, or it keeps fluctuating, you may need some repairs.

Hire a Dependable Sub-Zero Repair Service

In order to keep your refrigerator running smoothly, you’ll need to hire a dependable Sub-Zero repair service for all of your maintenance needs. Contact our Sub-Zero specialists today for Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance in NYC.